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Pub Mac 'n' Cheese

Try our signature loaded Pub mac 'n' cheese by the pan, either in one of our fantastic combinations or pick your own ingredients for a unique treat! Each pan serves 12-16 side servings or about 9 meal sized servings. Starting at $30 per pan.

Signature Pub Mac 'n' Cheese Combinations
Build your own options:
  • Plain- Our classic plain Jane Pub Mac 'n' cheese, no frills here. Just pasta smothered by our creamy, delicious beer cheese !

  • Bacon- who doesn't love bacon? We take it and make it even a little better by adding it to our Pub Mac 'n' Cheese!

  • Chili- Not for the faint of heart! We take our scratch made chili and add it to our Pub Mac 'n' Cheese along with diced tomatoes, jalepenos and shredded cheddar cheese!

  • Buffalo Chicken- One of our best sellers! Tangy, spicy buffalo chicken loaded into our Pub Mac 'n' Cheese along with bleu cheese crumbles and topped with drizzles of ranch and buffalo sauces!

  • Philly Steak-Delectable Pub Mac 'n' Cheese loaded with tender, slow cooked steak, sauteed onions and peppers topped with an A1 drizzle! 

  • Pulled Pork or BBQ Chicken- This is a cookout in a pan! Tasty pulled pork or BBQ chicken meets Pub Mac 'n' Cheese along with green onions, diced tomatoes and a Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce drizzle

  • Steak or Chicken Fajita- Your choice of either  fajita chicken or asada steak along with sauteed onions & peppers in our amazing Pub Mac 'n' Cheese topped with Pico de Gallo!

  • Crab- So sophisticated, so tasty, so cheesy! Our Pub Mac 'n' Cheese loaded with delicate crab, green onions and sriracha remoulade drizzle!

  • Build Your Own- Make it the way you want it with your choice of ingredients!

Signature Pub Mac 'n' Cheese Combinations

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